Clear Creek Institute Social Media Policy and Agreement

Clear Creek Institute (CCI) is a private entity that exists for the purpose of promoting specific publications, services, and products. We believe in and promote traditional Judeo-Christian principles and values including the following: The Ten Commandments, freedom, traditional families, the pursuit of happiness, sharing, free trade, and self defense.


CCI is not a public entity and does not provide a public forum for those opposed to our opinions or purposes. If anyone one wants to oppose or promote against our principles and values they are encouraged to do so elsewhere.


All users should strive to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Be polite, kind, and treat others with respect. No name calling or personal attacks. No cursing, nudity or other inappropriate content. Don't ridicule people who are here to learn.


Sharing of products, services, and good deals is OK, but solicitation and advertising should be minimal.


The use if this website or anything related thereto constitutes agreement with the above stated policy. Violations of our policy should be reported and violators will be blocked or deleted as feasible, and possibly prosecuted.


Please be advised and remember that we are attempting to help spread the truth, but we do not verify all sources and information, and do not claim to be the ultimate truth authority. Please be aware that we do not agree with everything that is posted. Some things might even be posted just because they are funny.


Please do not expect every post to be absolutely true, or to be something that you agree with. Remember that rather than being truth dictators, we are trying to provide easy access to information that might not be otherwise encountered, in order to help you to be more informed in deciding what is true and how it applies to you.


Please refrain from being upset or critical about occasional errors. Rather than jumping on someone, try to just be thankful it's not your mistake.

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